Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thought of the Morning 35

Now this blog's on Tumblr and people are forced to read this crap. Ha ha ha. The joke's on you.

Thought of the Morning 36

So many people in big cities, like LA, claim to be writers. To be a writer, I think, a real one, is being your craft. Even when you’re not actually writing because daily life crap mangles your time, you’re experiencing every moment immersed in this sort of romanticized way in your mind; as though it’s being written on a page for “post-humous” interpretation.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Thought of the Morning 34

Listening to the song bumpin' at 7 a.m. outside my window, I'm struck with the vivid realization that I can't stand Jay-Z's voice and lazy intonation when he raps.

I do feel guilty on so many levels that I dig this "oldie":

P.S. He DOES deliver this rap gem: "I been spendin' hundreds since they had small faces." --just gets better with age. Nice one, Jay.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Rec'd Rec For You!

Been listening the heck out of this album by El Ten Eleven, "It's Still Like a Secret". I downloaded and forgot about it, my hyper life and obsession with rock-tronica fusions taking a frontrow. But *facepalm* THIS is good. Their best yet.
Vibe: Experimental rock instrumental/soundtrack. Not rocked OUT, it's rocked UP. Playfully heart-lifting, just what you want to hear when you're contemplating the beauty of the world from a lengthy stretch of desert freeway--or you're stuck in traffic and want a soundtrack that makes you want to do so. If you haven't yet downloaded them, you have incentive, as it's only $8 on this site (

(And they jam live, so catch them on tour before it ends):

Monday, 13 June 2011


R.I.P. "ThaRevRob" Northrup-- turntablist, father, friend to many, and someone you don't easily forget. Damnit. I'm regretting not seeing you the last time you were here. But maybe it was better that way, to continue missing you the same way, not having seen you in ages. Either way, it was too soon, buddy.

This is a reminder to reach out to your friends, just to say, "Hey, how are ya?" Time is watery, it pulls the sand from under our feet.