Friday, 28 September 2007

Light a Fire

Lighting a fire under one's arse can prove difficult, especially in the U.K. As a journalist, how does a person inspire another person to talk to her? As a regular person, it's difficult. As a journalist, it's maddening. Deadlines aren't forgiving. Pursuasiveness is an art.

On the other hand, Brits with an agenda have a fabulous ability to pursuade. They will pull off a complete screw job with the finesse and polish of David Copperfield.

"Now you see your time and hard-earned money, now you don't!" And somehow you walk away thanking them for it.

Life moves slower here in the U.K. than it does in the U.S. It takes some getting used to and I haven't worked out all of this planning ahead business. It seems that one has to be extremely organized to live here. Practically nothing can be done off the cuff in just five minutes. No, even going to pick up a can of soup proves to cost a person almost fifteen minutes of precious time. As a wise New Yorker once told me, even seconds add up. It's true!

So, deadlines looming, I decide that the best way to get the job done as a journalist covering an event or other time-sensitive matters, is to let them know you're coming and just show up. In most cases, "May I have an interview?" does not work. They will politely put you off until infinity. No, you must charge in with your pad and paper (because we print student people don't have digital recorders like the broadcasters were given) and start asking questions.

It just so happens that on Sunday I'm going to be interviewing puppets, or puppeteers, same diff. It will prove itself an interesting endeavor. I'm charging into a Punch and Judy festival with eyes and ears open. Wish me luck!

Also, I've been given the opportunity to write for a new UK night clubbing publication online. I will keep everyone posted on the developments.

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