Monday, 1 October 2007

Try it! You'll Like It (not)!

I have read many an article to the contrary of what I am about to say, but, through my own personal observation, I find the majority of the British food I've tried unsavory. Although I grew up in the United States, I did not come from a household whose diet consisted of fare from the crude network of fast food conglomerates such as McDonalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken. With homemade, healthy meals as a staple and the occassional sojourns to France and Morocco, I developed a taste for flavors that reign in some of the most popular cookbooks in the world.

My French father says, "Give food to British people and they ruin it."

I hate to perpetuate this statement, but I've tried a variety of foods form the local market, only to discover the sauces watery and lacking spice, the noodles limp and mushy, and the complete and utter fear of garlic, basil and other beautiful flavorings. In other words: Yucky.

Brits do make some tasty desserts, such as puddings and chocolate tartes. Anything fried, they do with flair. But cooking, as it traditionally stands, the British take last place to any nationality I've sampled.

Still and all, the food is really the only thing I find absolutely unacceptable about living in London. So far, so good.

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