Thursday, 23 September 2010

Thought of the Morning 22

I hate it when technology make jokes obscelete. Like, I've been hanging onto the whole "your face and my butt" comeback for the past couple of decades, waiting for the right moment for an unsuspecting victim to inquire about finding a match. Of course, now, I've waited so long that I just want to say it to anyone. Knowing me, I'll probably blurt it to the wrong person:

"I'm sorry Mr. President, it wasn't directed at you. I've just always wanted to say that to someone. Hey, you know when we shook hands earlier? Yeah, can we go back to that?"

Or at the wrong time,

"What? Uncle Lenny was a jokester. He'd want us to laugh right now! Besides, those candles have lead in them..."

Anyway, some jokes stand the test of time. My favorite one-liner is from "The Patsy" (the original 1928 silent version):

"I'm going to hit her so hard, she's going to starve to death bouncing!"

I'll leave you to think about that one for a minute...

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