Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Album to Check out!

"The Flexible Entertainer" Pit er Pat

(Thrill Jockey Jan 2010)

Is it rock? No. Is it electronica? No. Is it ear candy? Yes!

Let's face it, some experimental music is just weird for the sake of being weird. It's art,and by all means should be taken as such. However, weird doesn't always make for a fantastic listening experience.
In this case, however, experimental translates to original, fresh, and, yes, fantastic, as far as listening experiences go. Chicago-born, Pit er Pat manages to bring the listener to undiscovered territory without so much as ruffling an ear hair (or causing any discomfort whatsoever to said listener). Full of mystery, sensuality, harmony and spice, "The Flexible Entertainer" makes pop music seem plain, ordinary. This album intertwines each experiment with a palatable mixture of guitar, vocals and groove-able drums. I've gotta give props to fellow Midwesterners--lately, we've been batting 1000!

Note-worthy tracks:

"The Emperor of Charms"--Fay Davis-Jeffers' nasally vocals string out over the tribal drums, lightning fast sitar-esque guitar and seductively clashing finger cymbals, conveying a dazzling flash of syncopated reverie. The track lures the listener slowly, and builds to a mad crescendo, whirling and warm. Disjointed cymbal clangs pull the track to a close.

"Godspot"--A dub-steppy, perfectly on-point, stop motion beat floats a heavy electro bass on this one. The earthy, melodic vocal seems excessive and dull at first, but then swirls into the mix of floody synth and guitar. The gossamer smoothness of a chasing harmonic vocal echo is the song's crowning glory.

"Summer Rose"--Steel drum pops and Latin-y bass set the scene for a late-60s, Paul Revere & the Raiders feel. Polka dot sway, back porch guitar, and a fantastic vocal from Davis-Jeffers that's a bit reminiscent of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs makes it easy going, and ready for a nice, tall glass of lemonade.

Check out Thrill Jockey for more info!

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