Wednesday, 6 January 2010

TV, We Belong Together

It's happening, it's REALLY happening! All of our Sci-Fi dreams are rocketing into the near future! Our TVs will take over our living rooms---literally--in 3-D!

ESPN and Discovery networks will be launching 3-D channels in 2010, according to press releases. What does this venture mean for television consumers? For starters, it means mega buckaroonies to be made in both the television and technology industries!

3-D TV sets will run the gamut of prices, from as low as one thousand dollars, to according to an expert on LA'S KCRW station earlier today, up to $10K! These babies should be available at the higher price range very soon. Or you can just wait for the price to come down once the hype comes and goes.

Think of the movie remakes! Not to sound macabre, but we could find ourselves face to face with the holograms of Hollywood's long-dead personalities. We could be sharing Breafast at Tiffanies with Ms Hepburn, or dancing with Yul Brenner--all without leaving home!

Wow...this is some heavy news. And yet, didn't we see this coming?

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